Education and Training

In our experience people often lack the required skills to manage and engage others, whether doing so representing the interests of the business or its workforce. Text books on management are full of jargon about how employees are an organisations’ most prized asset. Yet evidence suggests employees, particularly in the UK, do not feel they are treated as an asset, more as a commodity.

If your organisation is serious about wanting to engage its workforce then training on how to do this is essential. ADAPT has a wealth of experience in training and coaching members of organisations on issues such as employee participation, information and consultation, social dialogue and domestic and European employment legislation. In fact the most popular training we provide is usually delivered to an audience of managers and employee representatives on European employment law and social dialogue.

Remember, if you consider your workforce to be a valued asset, then providing your managers, employees and their representatives with the training they need should not be an obstacle.

Research is an important part of the work we undertake for unions, employers and governments. However our research and existing knowledge of employment relations issues becomes even more apparent through your participation in an ADAPT seminar. Whether we are delivering lectures or less formal group training, our knowledge and experience generate an atmosphere highly conducive to learning that inspires individuals and drives the exchange of experiences among participants on the relevant topics.

Our extensive European network of experts means that we can organise seminars on a wide range of issues, our most popular of which are the Role of European Employment Legislation and Employment Relations across Europe, which attract regular audiences. ADAPT can tailor seminars to the needs of our clients and can deliver seminars for groups as small as four through to seminars involving more than 30 participants, the duration of which can be anywhere from between 2 hours and 3 days.

We also deliver education through more formal methods such as lectures, which work well with an audience composed of individuals whose role requires specific knowledge and are a good way to get a high volume of information across to a group in a shorter space of time without compromising on quality.

Each session is delivered with the support of electronic visual media and full supporting documentation is made available to all attendees. Previous requests from clients have also included a mixture of lectures and seminars, enabling the transfer of complex information through a lecture followed, at a future time, with a seminar on the practical application of this knowledge.

If you would like more information or just to discuss your ideas for a possible seminar, please go to our contact page.

In addition we are able to provide lectures or seminars to a wide range of audiences including senior private and public sector managers, politicians and policy makers within NGOs all over the world. Often we are asked to train individuals from various locations within an organisation who simply wish to know more about the employment relations systems acros Europe before considering making new investments. Finally, cross border learning or exchanging information is vital if organisations wish to improve their performance, whether they are profit making or not, and ADAPT can facilitate such a request.

If you would like more information or just to discuss your ideas for a possible seminar, please use the contact page.