About Us

This year ADAPT International celebrates its fifth anniversary. The past few years have been exciting for ADAPT, an organisation with an innovative outlook on the world of work, employee engagement and workforce representation.  Established in May 2008, ADAPT has provided support and training for European Works Councils in all sectors – from aerospace, packaging, engineering and printing, to healthcare, aviation, insurance and the automotive sector.

ADAPT seeks to strengthen involvement of employees in enhancing competitiveness across Europe. We do this by working with employers, trade unions and employee representatives and by ensuring that the talent available within an organisation is fully utilised, whether that be on the shop floor, in the back office or in the boardroom.

ADAPT International aims to support organisations seeking to maximise the skills and experiences of their workforces and to develop holistic and dynamic resolutions to many of the issues facing organisations seeking to remain competitive in today’s difficult climate. It is only by working with their employees that employers can truly enhance their output and become organisations fit to compete in a global economic environment.