Change is inevitable.  Yet so many organisations fail to maximise the potential advantages of change by excluding their workforce from the process – preferring instead to confront, rather than engage, their employees.  And even organisations that do fully involve their employees in the process of change, the moment this presents problems, they pull away – preferring to unilaterally determine the fate of the organisation rather than allow diverging opinions

ADAPT International, based in the UK, undertakes work across Europe with trade unions, employers and governments across a wide range of disciplines. We have a modern and progressive attitude to the world of work and believe that organisations need to evolve from their traditional approach to the management of employee relations to one that truly reflects the changes that have taken place both in the world of business and in society throughout the past few decades.  We believe the best way to adapt is by working with the entire organisation to anticipate change and to p forward looking and modern responses. While European organisations vary in their approach to the management and development of their workforces, there are also large differences across countries and within group

But there is demonstrable evidence that successful organisations, measured in social as well as economic outputs, are those that not only fully engage their employees, but do so in a sustainable fashion and who do not switch to an authoritative management style the moment this process becomes problematic.  And this ultimately is the focus of our work – developing sustainable employee engagement built on long term objectives, impartial employee representation and solid mechanisms to allow employees and employers to anticipate and prepare for change.